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Spinal Check
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Welcome to Spinal Check Foundation, LLC, where quality chiropractic and rehabilitative services are offered in a caring, compassionate, and warm environment.

Our Mission

To provide quality corrective chiropractic healthcare in a cost-effective, caring, family environment. Our commitment is to serve each patient through optimum treatment, education and personal concern, thereby supporting physical well-being.

Relief For Your Pain

Are you tired of being in pain? Do you look forward to time with painless days and nights? Thousands of people have felt the same way. People with back pain, scoliosis, migraines, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, herniated spinal discs, neck pain and many other painful, worrisome, recurring problems are finding welcome relief through chiropractic care.

Did You Know?

Spinal Degeneration IS NOT NORMAL. NOT EVEN as you age.

We x-ray 80-year-olds all the time who have NO SPINAL DEGENERATION.